SSN Validation and why you should perform one when running a criminal background check.

The social security number (SSN) validation is a tool available online today that will help employers, renters and others ensure that the people they hire, rent-to or deal with have a legitimate US Social Security Number.  This fairly new tool is designed to be an add-on service when running criminal background checks, but can also be used as a stand alone search for verification purposes.

What does a social security validation search do?

  • An SSN search verifies whether or not the US social security number entered is currently valid.  If the results come back stating that the number is not valid (for any number of reasons), then a huge red flag should go off, and the applicant in question would need to supply evidence that would legitimately explain this, or be given the boot or application rejection for submitting fraudulent information.

What important information will I get in my SSN Validation search results?

  • You will get the full name of the individual that the social security number was issued to, along with any alias names previously used with the same social security number.  You will also be shown the US State in which the social security number was issued in, along with the date that the social security number was created/originally issued.  It can also sometimes give you the date of birth of the individual connected to the social security number, but don’t expect this information.

With illegal immigration as a massive national problem in the USA, running a simple social security validation when running a criminal background check makes certain that the person in question is indeed a legal resident in the USA, and not involved with fraudulent activities like using false social security numbers.  A lot of fraudulent applications can be dismissed quickly, for instance, if you find out a person applying is using a social security number that is assigned to a deceased person…  This actually happens, as illegal residents use social security numbers from deceased individuals thinking they won’t get caught, because technically it is a valid number, and dead people don’t usually complain when there social security numbers are being used fraudulently.

The cost to run a social security validation check is less than $20 and search results are available the same day you place your search.  This simple search can protect your business, organization and yourself from potential illegal activity and can give you the verification you need to move forward.

Where can I go to order a social security validation check?
To run a social security validation check as either an independent search or in conjunction with a criminal background search we recommend: