Background Checks with an Address History Trace

What an address history trace is, the current state of affairs in the USA and why you should perform an address trace along with running a criminal history check and/or an eviction record search.

The Address History Trace provides names and addresses based upon the social security number entered and returns all names and addresses associated with it.

US Current Affairs – another tool in safeguarding Americans
With large amounts of people re-locating, moving or hiding all over the USA, knowing where people have previously lived helps verify applicant documentation and verbal explanations allowing for proper due diligence like performing a criminal history check & address history background check where applicants have actually lived, and not just where they tell you that they’ve lived.  Uncovering a previous address helps determine where to conduct a criminal search and/or an eviction record search.   The address history trace can also be used as a skip trace tool to find out where someone lives who for instance broke their lease, left their apartment owing money and then disappeared.

In addition to the challenges of being a transient country we must also pay attention to the looming illegal immigration issue, which is flooding this nation with fraud and sending hard earned American Citizens Tax Dollars to non-citizens.  Allowing illegal immigration to remain erodes and cripples the integrity of this once great nation, and instead of providing a climate of open arms towards people that want to legally and through a fair process get on a path to citizenship and self honesty, we are stuck dealing with criminals and failed policies.  Hopefully the USA will tackle this massive national problem, and with such new tools like running a simple social security validation and address history trace in addition to running a criminal background check makes certain that the person in question is indeed a legal resident in the USA, and not involved with fraudulent activities like using false social security numbers, and exemplifies a character not in contrast to a law abiding US Citizen, but in harmony with such Americans.

In a nutshell the address history trace gives you the following:

  • All names connected with the entered social security number
  • All addresses associated with the social security number entered

Why run an address history trace when running a criminal check?
When performing a criminal check, you want to know if someone has been convicted of a crime that would prevent your company from hiring them or your apartment community from renting to such a criminal.  A suggestion we have is; Why not run a name and address history trace at the same time you run a criminal history check?  As you will get back all the addresses that have been associated with your applicants social security number, along with all the alias names connected to that same person.  We think that more relevant information almost always leads to better, more informed decisions.

Running an address history trace online today helps employers, renters, non-for profit organizations, communities, families and individuals ensure that the people they hire, rent-to, encounter and/or deal with not only have a legitimate social security number, but that the address they said they lived at and the legal name they claim to be all match the information returned in the address history trace and criminal history check results.

The address history trace and SSN validation products really are a great compliment to running criminal background checks, but to save some money it may be worth running an address history trace and SSN validation first just to confirm information given by an applicant, although it is not free, it is certainly cheaper than running a comprehensive criminal back ground check, so why not do the less expensive option first?  In some situations that does make sense while in other situations it may be more logical to do them at the same time as this approach gives the advantage of letting you see all the information you need upfront quickly.  Making decisions on hiring, renting, doing business with, or who you personally affiliate yourself with is now safer and more convenient than ever with these online information product search tools, primarily criminal history checks, social security number validations, and address history traces.

What are the nuts and bolts of an address history trace & SSN search?

  • First off this search can only be completed with a social security number…  Based on the social security number entered to run this search, the address history trace retrieves all names associated/connected with the entered social security number along with giving you all the addresses that the social security number bearer has lived or has been in some way connected to the SSN bearer or this person’s social security number.  If you run a social security validation search with your address history trace, you will get the following additional information:  Verification of whether or not the US social security number entered is currently valid.  You will get the full name of the individual that the social security number was issued to, along with any alias names previously used with the same social security number.  You will also be shown the US State in which the social security number was issued in, along with the date that the social security number was created/originally issued.  It may even give you the date of birth of the individual connected to the social security number.

The cost to run an address history trace & social security validation check is less than $20 and search results are available the same day you place your search.  This simple search can protect your business, organization, community, family and yourself from potential illegal activity and can give you the verification you need to move forward.

Where can I go to order an Address History Trace?
To run an address history trace along with a social security validation check in one comprehensive search, as either an independent search or in connection with a criminal background check we recommend:

The SSN Validation & Address History Trace is a tool that provides validation of the social security number entered, along with simultaneously performing a name and address history trace based upon the same social security number entered. This search then returns all names, addresses, and SSN information associated with the social security number you entered.